Episode 2 featuring guest Dean Karnazes

Famed ultramarathoner, endurance athlete and bestselling author Dean Karnazes joins Brian and Kelly to discuss training, nutrition, experimentation to see what works, biomechanics, his experiences with “sleeprunning” and why runners should be doing more pullups.

1:00 – introduction; Brian on running (and how Kelly was introduced to running)

5:20 – Dean Karnazes sits down with Brian and Kelly

9:40 – Dean’s next adventure: run a marathon in every country in the world in one year

10:45 – Dean’s first experience “sleeprunning” …

18:00 – how his diet has evolved from ordering pizza on the run a decade ago to his ultra-clean diet today

31:40 – why he dropped from 155 lbs to 143 lbs (while maintaining 3-4% bodyfat) to improve his running performance

34:45 – 3 random questions with Dean

37:30 – Dean demonstrates his pullup prowess for the crew

40:00 – Mailbag; Ohio State study on VO2 max increases from CrossFit-style workouts

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