Episode 3 of Genetic Potential TV with guests Katie Hogan and Christy Phillips

CrossFit Games stars Katie Hogan and Christy Phillips join Brian and Kelly on the set of Genetic Potential TV episode 3 to talk about how their training and nutrition has evolved and continues to evolve.

Learn key concepts like “Starrett paleo,” Katie’s total at a recent powerlifting meet, and how to “win puffy”!

1:00 Evolution of the CrossFit Games

5:00 Programming vs. coaching; don’t follow the same program as the “elites”

13:30 Volume vs. high quality training in smaller blocs

18:00 Can you be a high-level CrossFit athlete these days and have a 9-to-5 job?

22:45 Christy Phillips interview

46:00 Katie Hogan interview

1:04 Mailbag – Kelly and Brian answer your questions


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