katie hogan gptv set with kelly starrett and brian mackenzie

Episode 3 of Genetic Potential TV with guests Katie Hogan and Christy Phillips

CrossFit Games stars Katie Hogan and Christy Phillips join Brian and Kelly on the set of Genetic Potential TV episode 3 to talk about how their training and nutrition has evolved and continues to evolve. Learn how to "win puffy"!

Christy Phillips

“Win Puffy” with Christy Phillips in Episode 3 Teaser

Learn how to "win puffy" when four-time CrossFit Games competitor (11th in 2012) and full-time nurse Christy Phillips joins Kelly and Brian on the set in this teaser for episode 3 of Genetic Potential TV.

dean karnazes pullup

Episode 2 featuring guest Dean Karnazes

Famed ultramarathoner, endurance athlete and bestselling author Dean Karnazes joins Brian and Kelly to discuss training, nutrition, experimentation to see what works, his experiences with "sleeprunning" and why runners should be doing more pullups.

dean karnazes pullup

Episode 2 Trailer: Dean Karnazes

Famed ultramarathoner and endurance athlete Dean Karnazes sits down with Kelly and Brian on episode 2 of Genetic Potential TV to discuss the limits of human endurance (not reached yet) and his experiences with "sleep-running" (check out their reaction!).


“E-Caf Pudding”: Web-only Outtake from GPTV Episode 1

Looking for a way to turbocharge your nutrition and recover better from hard workouts without binging on an excess of carbs? Take a tip from Erin Cafaro, a two-time Olympic gold medalist in rowing and coach at San Francisco CrossFit, who appeared as a special guest on the first episode of Genetic Potential TV and developed …


Episode 1 featuring guest Erin Cafaro

Join hosts Kelly Starrett and Brian MacKenzie as they ask and answer the essential questions to unleash each athlete's genetic potential. Special guest Erin Cafaro joins them in studio.


Erin Cafaro Teaser

Erin Cafaro, two time Olympic gold medalist rower, sits down with Kelly Starrett and Brian MacKenzie to discuss nutrition and training at the highest level.


What Is The Genetic Potential TV Show?

Launching this week, Kelly Starrett and Brian MacKenzie co-host a twice-monthly video program to investigate the world of high-performance athletics.


GPTV trailer

Check out the trailer for the new web TV show featuring Kelly Starrett and Brian MackKenzie sitting down with guests and talking all things fitness.

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